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Declaring a Minor

How do I declare a minor in Legal Studies?

There is no application process required to declare the Legal Studies minor. Once you have completed (or are in the process of taking) LEGAL ST 206 (or SOCIOL 206), you can declare the minor. Once you’ve declared the minor, you will have pre-registration access to Legal Studies courses and you will be added to the Legal Studies Majors/Minors listserv.

Please follow the steps below to complete your minor declaration:

1.)  Complete a Weinberg Declaration of Minor Form 

2.)  Complete the Legal Studies minor worksheet and email both to, letting us know you’re ready to declare the minor.

3.) Then CLICK HERE to make an appointment with someone in Legal Studies to meet (in person or remotely) to quickly review the requirements and address any questions you may have.

After the meeting, Legal Studies will submit the Declaration of Minor form to the Weinberg Advising office on your behalf via email.

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