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Where are they now?

Legal Studies students have been awarded Fulbright grants to study in Denmark, Romania, Poland, and Greece; have received the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to study in South Africa and China; and have participated in the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals to study in Germany. Our students have gone on to participate in the Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program, the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs, and Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship; others have participated in programs like the New York City Teaching Fellows Program and the Urban Teacher Center. They have gone on to work at the Consumer Financial Protection Board, the ACLU of Colorado, the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Political Science, and at a variety of consulting firms. Our students have also studied (or will soon be studying) at UC Berkeley Law School's Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program, the Yale Department of Political Science, Harvard Law School, the University of Chicago Law School, Columbia Law School, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, George Washington University Law School, and Fordham University Law School, among others.


Our Newsletters describe the recent goings on here in Legal Studies, and the Alumni Center Stage feature provides an in-depth look at the journey a few of our alumni have taken since graduation.


If you would like to support the continuing efforts of the program to remain at the forefront of teaching and research across a broad spectrum of legal studies, you can do so online:


If you're interested in gifting your time and expertise, Weinberg College has a fantastic program that allows alumni to connect with current undergraduates. To participate or learn more, take a look at Student-Alumni Connections.

Explore the myriad ways to give back to the University by visiting Giving to Northwestern.


Thank you to our Alumni for their continual support.

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