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Alumni Center Stage: Lauren Weinstein and Geoff Derrick

February 2018
Lauren Weinstein and Geoff Derrick

Lauren Weinstein, Geoff Derrick, and their dog at the beach

Lauren Weinstein and Geoff Derrick graduated from NU in 2007 as Legal Studies majors. Since leaving NU, they married (each other!), adopted a great puppy (follow her on Instagram using #ellerypup), and have fascinating career stories.  Since it is hard to choose a first Alumni Center Stage, we compromised and asked Lauren and Geoff to tell us their stories together.

Tell us about your Legal Studies experience at NU.  What year did you graduate, what was your thesis about, and what was your other major?

What happened after NU and where are you working now?
Do you think being a Legal Studies major was important for your career?  Why? What do you wish you knew as an undergrad Legal Studies major and what advice would you give the students? Lauren, we read your interesting article about being a young woman lawyer in the New York Law Journal. What was the response to that?