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Annual 2020-2021 Class Schedule

To read course descriptions, click on the course titles below.
To look up class meeting days and times please go to CAESAR.
Note that courses are subject to change.
Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
LEGAL_ST 206-0-20Law and Society (also SOCIOL 206)Joanna GrisingerJoanna Grisinger
LEGAL_ST 207-0-20Legal Studies Research Methods (taught with SOCIOL 227)Robert L Nelson
LEGAL_ST 276-0-20Corporation in US Law and CultureNicolette Bruner
LEGAL_ST 305-0-20American Immigration (taught with HISTORY 305)Shana Bernstein
LEGAL_ST 309-0-20Political Theories of the Rule of Law (also POLI SCI 309)Jacqueline Stevens
LEGAL_ST 330-0-20U.S. Refugee Policy & Localities (also POLI SCI 330)Galya Ben-Arieh
LEGAL_ST 332-0-20Constitutional Law I (also POLI SCI 332)Galya Ben-Arieh
LEGAL_ST 333-0-20Constitutional Law II (also POLI_SCI 333)Joanna Grisinger
LEGAL_ST 356-0-20Constitutional Challenges in Comparative Perspective (also POLI_SCI 356)Galya Ben-Arieh
LEGAL_ST 376-0-20The Crime Centered Documentary (also HUM, RTVF)Debra Tolchinsky
LEGAL_ST 376-0-20Refugee Crises and Human Rights (taught with POLI_SCI 380, INTL_ST)Galya Ben-Arieh
LEGAL_ST 376-0-21Sexuality, Technoscience, and the Law (also GNDR ST 390, SOCIOL 376)Renee Shelby
LEGAL_ST 376-0-21Animal LawNicolette Bruner
LEGAL_ST 398-1-20Advanced Research Seminar (Majors Only)Nicolette Bruner
LEGAL_ST 398-2-20Advanced Research Seminar IINicolette Bruner
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