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Faculty Updates

In the past year Shana Bernstein published "Health Activism from the Bottom Up: Progressive Era Immigrant Chicagoans' Views on Germ Theory, Environmental Health, and Class Inequality" in the ​​Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. She also wrote the op-ed “How the Spike in Hate Crimes is Forging Unlikely Alliances and Why Vulnerable Groups Should be Careful about Attempts to Divide Them” for The Washington Post. She continues to serve as a Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians.

Joanna Grisinger was named to Northwestern ASG’s 2018-19 Faculty and Administrative Honor Roll; she was nominated for teaching Law & Society and Gender and the Law.  

Laura Beth Nielsen published a paper with her former student, Jill D. Weinberg in Law and Policy (forthcoming 2019), “Hierarchies of Deservingness: Decisions about Workplace Accommodation by Judges and Citizens.” Her work entitled “Good Moms with Guns: Individual and Relational Rights in the Home, Family, and Society,” will appear in an edited collection about the culture of guns in the coming year as well. 

In addition to coordinating a number of fantastic speakers this year, Justin Simard’s article “Citing Slavery,” which analyzes the continued citation of slave cases by modern American judges and lawyers, will be published in Volume 72 of the Stanford Law Review. After the conclusion of his post-doc in Legal Studies Justin is moving to Salem, Oregon, where he will work as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Willamette University College of Law.


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