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Spring 2023 Class Schedule

To read course descriptions, click on the course titles below.
Note that courses are subject to change.

LEGAL_ST 101-6First-year Seminar: Writings From PrisonAbigail BarefootMW  3:30-4:50
LEGAL_ST 207-0-20Legal Studies Research Methods (also SOCIOL 227)Robert L NelsonTTH  11:00-12:20
LEGAL_ST 309-0-20Political Theories of the Rule of Law (also POLI SCI 309)Jacqueline StevensT  9:00-11:50
LEGAL_ST 333-0-20Constitutional Law II (also POLI_SCI 333)Joanna GrisingerTTh  2:00-3:20
LEGAL_ST 360-0-20Animal Law (also ENVR_POL 360)Nicolette BrunerTTh  12:30-1:50
LEGAL_ST 376-0-20Reality TV and Legal TheoryNicolette BrunerMW  2:00-3:20
LEGAL_ST 394-LK-20Lawyering: Education and PracticeSeth MeyerM  10:00-12:50
LEGAL_ST 394-LK-21Human Rights & US Refugee LawWilliam SchillerT  6:00 pm - 8:50 pm